About Flamingo Tokyo

FLAMINGO TOKYO is an insight and brand strategy agency. We connect consumer lives with wider cultural shifts, to identify changes that matter to your brand – and can create opportunity for growth. We help to solve marketing and brand challenges for some of the world’s best companies, whether they are building their business here in Japan, or expanding from Japan around the world.


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We have built our reputation principally in the following areas:

  • Consumer & category exploration and understanding
  • Brand positioning and brand strategy
  • Communications and creative strategy
  • Cultural intelligence & commercial semiotics
  • Segmentation studies
  • Innovation


Our approaches include ethnography, group discussions, creative workshops, digital communities and blogs, and semiotic analysis. We also work with an expert network of cultural commentators: the Flamingo Hive Mind.

We are part of the Flamingo Group, with other offices in London, New York, Mumbai, Singapore, Shanghai and Sao Paulo, and have been established in Tokyo since 2007.


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